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Yuzu is reinventing shopper acquisition and gives the power back to retailers.

Directly reach millions of shoppers buying every day in hundreds of stores.

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Reach and engage the best shoppers for your store.

Our algorithm analyses the purchases and behaviors of millions of shoppers so we can target the most visitors likely to buy in your store.

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Meet your future clients where they are: online, mobile or in store

With Yuzu, you meet your future clients after their purchase at another store. Whether sourcing from an ecommerce website, mobile app or brick and mortar store, we immediately know when it’s a good fit and how to bring those clients to your store.

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Reward your customers while driving your own revenue

Show targeted offers to your own customers after their purchase in your stores (online, mobile or brick and mortar), and get paid. Take advantage of this touch point to present your own loyalty offers. Your clients are happy and you gain profits, it’s a win-win!

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Why Yuzu?

What would you say to boosting your revenues immediately?
We agree that it’d be fabulous, so is something we want to help you achieve. And that’s not all...

No Commitment

Manage your budget as you want and pay only once you see results from your partnership with Yuzu: qualified leads and targeted visits.

A Targeted Acquisition

Your offers are only displayed to customers most likely to love your store and buy your products. Once they click, we’ll help you convert them and turn them into loyal customers.

Simple Set Up

Plugging your site to the Yuzu network is a matter of minutes. Managing your campaigns, a matter of a few clicks.


Earn money by advertising the best offers of the network to your customers as a reward after a purchase on your store.

Impact Your Business Immediately

Find new shoppers, lower your acquisition costs and increase customer loyalty in seconds.

Take the Power Back

Cut your dependence to the major actors in acquisition by joining other stores like yours.



10+ millions

Active Shoppers

2+ millions


Yuzu Works Seamlessly with Your Store.

We partner with the leading e-commerce providers to make integration feel like a breeze. See our list of plugins below.

We love our stores (… and they love us back!)

Danielle Malka

Owner of

I appreciate working with and I am excited about the prospect of doing cross-marketing with alike companies. This is something I always believed in so having create a platform offering such service is great news to us. The first results of our test together are very promising and I can't wait for to expend the network and capitalize on the potential.

Denis Castaing

Owner of

I strongly recommend Yuzu. I have installed Yuzu on our shop we had good customer acquisition and engagement. Yuzu helps to promote your shop to customers from other shops. Instead of promoting to normal visitors, you directly promote to real buyers. I really enjoyed Sales and Technical Support along the process. Yuzu is definitely one of the top extensions we have for Magento.

Our Dream Team

Shopping addicts, marketing specialists, data gods, ambassadors of the network and ninja engineers — our team is eclectic, international and passionate!

  • Emilie
  • Vincent
  • Jonathan
  • Elodie
  • Stéphanie
  • Yannick
  • Olivier
  • Alexandre
  • Julien
  • Soraya



How much does it cost?

It’s your call! You invest the amount of your choice to launch your acquisition and loyalty campaigns.


What’s a Lead?

A Yuzu Lead is a shopper who gave you its contact information to get your promotional offer. By getting immediately redirected to your eStore, the client engages with your store and your brand.


How do I create a Yuzu campaign?

Create and launch your campaign instantly. Select what discounts you want to offer new shoppers (% off, gift, free delivery, private invitation, etc.) and optimize your results with our powerful analytics and reporting dashboard. It’s always active, like your business.


How does the monetization of my store work?

Yuzu rewards your customers after a purchase by displaying targeted offers on your post purchase confirmation page. As soon as one of your customers clicks on an offer, Yuzu gives you a commission on the CPL.

Contact us – Yes, Please Do!

To say hi or to ask about our product, feel free to contact us: Email, phone, chat, carrier pigeon… be creative!

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27 W 20TH Street, Suite 800
New York, NY 10011, USA

+1 (315) 677-1314

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